The History of Xeyvn

Xeyvn Technologies was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Martin Dale Lyness (martin-lyness.com). This company has had its sights set high from the beginning aiming to be complete technology solution center to business all around the world. As a matter of fact, the name 'Xeyvn' was chosen because of a similarity to a Yiddish word 'Meyvn' meaning: A person who has special knowledge or experience; an expert. This fits perfectly with the mission of Xeyvn Technologies as we strive to be an expert in every aspect of your technology infrastructure.

Xeyvn Technologies first service was a combination of Graphic and Web design. This market was easy to get into with a very low start-up cost which was quite important for Mr. Lyness as he did not have much money to invest. The focus had always been on quality and not quantity, so the company was only able to build a client base at a relatively low rate only having a single designer/programmer. This motivated Martin to seek partners in his venture so he could begin to offer more quality services efficiently to a larger customer base. In 2003 Matt McConnell joined the team and helped with design/programming and also opening a new department, custom computer systems. This service was focused on getting the technology customers needed to them in a no hassle fully supported way. This department fit well into the Xevyn's mission as it brought the company one step closer to being able to provide a complete solution to new startups and existing small companies.

Unfortunately, in 2004/05 Matt and Martin had a falling out and ceased being partners in the Xeyvn company. This did not stop Mr. Lyness from offering the Computer Systems service, but did limit him on the number of clients he could except. This set back put the company into somewhat of a hibernation as work slowed down and projects became more scarce.

After a few years of sorting out how to attract motivated intelligent people to his enterprise Martin meet a new business partner, Shuo Wang (shuo-wang.com). Shuo joined the venture in early 2007 bring with him good experience in software design moving the company more toward a web application/service producer. With the new energy Xeyvn was able to continue to build his client base and branched into the financial industry producing high quality web applications. Shuo also brought with an idea for a new branch of Xeyvn. He wanted to help individuals as well as business with their technology problems. So in summer of 2007 the on-site support department was created to allow Xeyvn to travel out to the community to take care of a wide range of computer related problems and upgrades.

In 2010, Shuo decided to pursue his PhD and left Xeyvn. This began the demise of the computer repair service. At this point Martin decided focus on his career as a Java developer, leaving Xeyvn stagnate for the next several years. During this time Martin developed and enhanced several skills navigating the corporate world. These years of tribute were invaluable but not fulfilling enough to keep Martin’s interests.

Realizing he could benefit from additional education himself, Martin decided to start work on his Masters degree. This degree program helped Martin expand his area of knowledge into project management, software engineering, embedded software, data engineering, system architecture, and security to name a few. These new skills and connections re-inspired Martin’s dreams of his Xeyvn enterprise.

With his newly found inspiration, Martin decided to start investigating a fresh direction for Xeyvn. Joining forces fellow University and Triangle alumni Mark Stier, and Josh Eckhoff Xeyvn set it sights on software engineering projects. Josh and Mark had worked together at Hobbs Madison before Mark took a Job offer at Datacard, where Martin was working. This turn of events re-engaged Martin with both of them and began a new business partnership.

Currently, Xeyvn Technologies is focusing on its software engineering consultancy. With plans to expand their service range, bring in highly skilled people, develop client base, and improve infrastructure.


  • Software Consulting
  • Software Contracting
  • Process Analysis